domenica 20 novembre 2016

Tony Moly Bunny lipstick

Sorry for my absence guys, I'm back with this new review of another Tony Moly product!
This time I want to introduce this beautiful lipstick, I needed it so bad.

As always, the packaging is absolutely cute! A little angry bunny >:3

First of all I wanted this lipstick because it leaves a natural color on your lips, this one is a sort of pink/soft red with a touch of orange. It is called Juicy Cherry and it represent a "Lolita be like" color to me, that's amazing!

It looks like a normal lipstick but as I already said it isn't so "strong" on your lips, neither so "transparent" and shiny as a lipgloss. It represent the perfect mixture for anyone who needs to color their lips without them being too heavy. ^0^/

Here's the result on my lips:

I love wearing it, it is perfect for the "going to school/work/univesity" outfit and makeup! It stays all day!!

Unfortunately I had to use my phone for technical problems, and it makes it look more pinkish, sorry. = ="

Well, I'm really satisfied about this product! I'm obviously gonna buy the other colors, but it's kinda difficult to find this here. ;_;"

Prize: €6,00

Rating: 5/5

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