venerdì 9 dicembre 2016

EyeCandy's Circle Lenses Review! -EOS Sugar Candy Brown-

Hi guys!
As I promised, here you are my second review about circle lenses!!

This time I want to review a pair of lenses i bought from EyeCandy's : the EOS Sugar Candy Brown model.

First of they came well packaged, in this beautiful pinkish monochromatic case.

They also sent the lenses in this super cute plastic case!

Now I'll paste you some photos of how they look on my eyes:

(comparison with and without lenses on)

(both eyes with lenses on natural light)

(both eyes with lenses and camera flash)

~Sorry for no makeup!~

(lenses on cosplay; ph: NekoKaba)

I just can say that I love these lenses, they look very natural on dark eyes and they make you look like as sweet as possible!

                                                         OVERALL RATING

Design: 5/5
Very natural but you can see their effect at the same time.

Color 5/5
Just perfect as described in the pictures.

Enlargement 4.5/5
These lenses are not the largest one I used, but they're so good for most "cute cosplays" and stuff.

Comfort 5/5
I actually forgot I had them in my eyes I swear. xD

Prize 5/5
The shop includes the shipping in the prize, so it is quite cheap according to the others!

I totally recommend this shop and this pair of lenses, remember to follow me at Nymphahri for more cosplay stuff, kisses. <3

venerdì 2 dicembre 2016

Uniqso Circle Lenses Review!! Lens Story Hanabi Blue

Hi guys!

Finally I made my first review about circle lenses!! I'm addicted to them, expecially because they're essential in cosplaying!

These ones are from Uniqso, first of all I totally recommend this shop because they have a great variety of lenses, you can see the real photos of them from the buyers and their conditions are always excellent.

I bought this pair for my Dawn's cosplay and I'm happy with the results, here's some photos of how they look on my eyes:

(eyes on natural light without lenses on)

(here you can see the enlargement with a comparison)

(both lenses with natural light)

(both lenses with flash on)

and in this last photo you can see the final effect on a cosplay, with makeup on and without light (photo by Chris Zeta).

                                                              OVERALL RATING

  Design: 5/5

I love this spiral design effect on my eyes, this makes you eyes look very sweet and "anime be like"!

Color: 3.5/5

Since I have dark eyes the color isn't very visible on natural light, also I don't recommend these ones to someone who wants a natural look, but they're perfect for some cosplays (like Pokémon series as well). 

Enlargement: 5/5        

The diameter is 16.5mm and the effect it's obvious!

Comfort: 4/5

Sometimes I had some problems with those lenses at the beginning, so I suggest you to go gently with them, also you need to hydrate your eyes a lot during a convention or a day in general.   

Prize: 4/5

I think that the prize is good for what they offer, and remember to use my code for 10% off on Uniqso!!!

MY DISCOUNT CODE: nymphahri       


Hope this review was useful to you, kisses. <3                                    

venerdì 25 novembre 2016

Cloud Necklace - Dark Triad Shop Review [PROMOTED]

Hi guys, today I want to review this super cute necklace, totally a must have for your "autumn themed" outfit! 


This necklace is composed by a cute stormy cloud, a tiny umbrella, a drop and a thunder which is suuuuper lovely!

I'm totally in love with this product, so here's the link to buy it (you can also choose between a ring or earrings!).
Code: "nymphahri"

It took a little long to arrive, but the parcel was perfect.

Product: 5/5
Price: 4/5 

domenica 20 novembre 2016

Tony Moly Bunny lipstick

Sorry for my absence guys, I'm back with this new review of another Tony Moly product!
This time I want to introduce this beautiful lipstick, I needed it so bad.

As always, the packaging is absolutely cute! A little angry bunny >:3

First of all I wanted this lipstick because it leaves a natural color on your lips, this one is a sort of pink/soft red with a touch of orange. It is called Juicy Cherry and it represent a "Lolita be like" color to me, that's amazing!

It looks like a normal lipstick but as I already said it isn't so "strong" on your lips, neither so "transparent" and shiny as a lipgloss. It represent the perfect mixture for anyone who needs to color their lips without them being too heavy. ^0^/

Here's the result on my lips:

I love wearing it, it is perfect for the "going to school/work/univesity" outfit and makeup! It stays all day!!

Unfortunately I had to use my phone for technical problems, and it makes it look more pinkish, sorry. = ="

Well, I'm really satisfied about this product! I'm obviously gonna buy the other colors, but it's kinda difficult to find this here. ;_;"

Prize: €6,00

Rating: 5/5

mercoledì 28 settembre 2016

Tony Moly Banana Lip Balm review!

Hi guys! Welcome to my first review, I decided to start with this AMAZING lip balm from Tony Moly!

As you can see it actually looks like a real tiny banana, that's extremely cute~

Yeah, I totally love it. 

Okay, here you can actually see how tiny it is. You just have to press it a little bit to make the balm exit.

The product is a little bit sticky, not much by the way. 
It has no color and a wonderful fragrance: it seems like you're eating a banana!  
I love how it makes my lips smooth and soft, it also has a great lasting.

My normal lips:

Lips with Tony Moly lip balm:

(sorry for no makeup!)

I'm really satisfied with the result, so I totally recommend this lip balm!

Rating: 4/5 (not 5 because I think there's not much product for the prize)

sabato 24 settembre 2016

Welcome to my blog! ✩

Hello everyone!
As it's written on the description of this blog my name is Sara, I'm an italian girl who loves cosplaying character very much, I'm 18 years old and I'm actually studying psychology.
I opened this blog because I'd like to start sharing tutorials for cosplay props, or wig styling, but also reviews to help you choose what to buy. (●っゝω・)っ~☆ 
Sometimes I'll share my cosplay photos, I want to read your opinions about them to help me improve!
I really hope we'll become friends! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ