venerdì 9 dicembre 2016

EyeCandy's Circle Lenses Review! -EOS Sugar Candy Brown-

Hi guys!
As I promised, here you are my second review about circle lenses!!

This time I want to review a pair of lenses i bought from EyeCandy's : the EOS Sugar Candy Brown model.

First of they came well packaged, in this beautiful pinkish monochromatic case.

They also sent the lenses in this super cute plastic case!

Now I'll paste you some photos of how they look on my eyes:

(comparison with and without lenses on)

(both eyes with lenses on natural light)

(both eyes with lenses and camera flash)

~Sorry for no makeup!~

(lenses on cosplay; ph: NekoKaba)

I just can say that I love these lenses, they look very natural on dark eyes and they make you look like as sweet as possible!

                                                         OVERALL RATING

Design: 5/5
Very natural but you can see their effect at the same time.

Color 5/5
Just perfect as described in the pictures.

Enlargement 4.5/5
These lenses are not the largest one I used, but they're so good for most "cute cosplays" and stuff.

Comfort 5/5
I actually forgot I had them in my eyes I swear. xD

Prize 5/5
The shop includes the shipping in the prize, so it is quite cheap according to the others!

I totally recommend this shop and this pair of lenses, remember to follow me at Nymphahri for more cosplay stuff, kisses. <3

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