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Uniqso Circle Lenses Review!! Lens Story Hanabi Blue

Hi guys!

Finally I made my first review about circle lenses!! I'm addicted to them, expecially because they're essential in cosplaying!

These ones are from Uniqso, first of all I totally recommend this shop because they have a great variety of lenses, you can see the real photos of them from the buyers and their conditions are always excellent.

I bought this pair for my Dawn's cosplay and I'm happy with the results, here's some photos of how they look on my eyes:

(eyes on natural light without lenses on)

(here you can see the enlargement with a comparison)

(both lenses with natural light)

(both lenses with flash on)

and in this last photo you can see the final effect on a cosplay, with makeup on and without light (photo by Chris Zeta).

                                                              OVERALL RATING

  Design: 5/5

I love this spiral design effect on my eyes, this makes you eyes look very sweet and "anime be like"!

Color: 3.5/5

Since I have dark eyes the color isn't very visible on natural light, also I don't recommend these ones to someone who wants a natural look, but they're perfect for some cosplays (like Pokémon series as well). 

Enlargement: 5/5        

The diameter is 16.5mm and the effect it's obvious!

Comfort: 4/5

Sometimes I had some problems with those lenses at the beginning, so I suggest you to go gently with them, also you need to hydrate your eyes a lot during a convention or a day in general.   

Prize: 4/5

I think that the prize is good for what they offer, and remember to use my code for 10% off on Uniqso!!!

MY DISCOUNT CODE: nymphahri       


Hope this review was useful to you, kisses. <3                                    

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