mercoledì 11 gennaio 2017

Pink heart shaped bag! [ALIEXPRESS]

Hi guyssss this is my first review of 2017, are you exciteeed? ^^

I decided to start this serie based on Aliexpress' products because I often read comments about people who don't actually know how to buy good items from it, I hope this project will be useful to all of you (or at least, most of you)!!

♢ Okay, let's get started with this wonderful bag I decided to buy during 11/11 sales. 

Some photos:

it's pink, I'm obsessed with this color!!

a little close up: so many glitters!

back side

here you can put many pins for a more personal look!

the inside of the bag: it's really big, I expected it to be way smaller.

My rating is absolutely 5/5, I totally recommend  this item expecially for its prize: it's really cheap!
You can buy this bag here:

Always remember to check the feedbacks under every item before buying from Aliexpress or at least try to contact the seller for real life picture of the thing you want to buy! :)

I really hope this was useful for you, let me know what you think about this review to help me improve, thanks! Kisses. 

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