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ASHLEY-S BROWN circle lenses review [SPONSORED by Klenspop]

Hello guys!

How are you spending your holidays? I'm back from my first summer convention, and I'm so satisfied about it, I wish I could turn back time. T.T
Today I'm gonna review the Ashley-S Brown lenses from Klenspop (thank you again for the collab!).
I never heard of these lenses before, so now I'm gonna tell you about my personal experience with them.
First of all the service was really good, the admins were so kind and they always answered me pretty fast.

Let's start with some photos!

(the box was so cute and colorful!)

(comparison with and without lenses on natural light)

(both lenses on natural light)

(both lenses with camera flash)

Okay, so, based on their name I expected some brown lenses with a natural "kpop" look, but what I received is more greenish than brown, expecially on my eyes. In fact, they're really light as you can see from the photo of the lenses in the case.

                                                             OVERALL RATING
Comfort: 4/5
Design: 3/5
Color: 2.5/5
I would give this rating only because of their name, I think that someone buying this model would prefer a darker look than this one!
Naturalness: 4/5
They're always circle lenses, so they're pretty noticeable, but they're also good for a everyday look in my opinion.
Enlargement: 2/5
The difference is not much, but that doesn't mean that this is a negative thing! Sometimes natural is way better.

Thanks you for reading, see you at the next review! =^^=

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