giovedì 24 agosto 2017

GEO Morning glory Grey lenses review [SPONSORED BY GEO COLOURED LENSES]

Hello everyone!
Here's my new review for Geo Coloured Lenses, one of the most popular sites for buying circle lenses!
The model I'm going to review is called Morning Glory Grey, I never tried this one before and this is also my first pair of grey lenses ever, so let's discover them together. ^^


(comparison with and without lenses)

(both lenses on natural light)

(both lenses with camera flash)

(lenses with full makeup)

I hope you liked the photos, I have to say that I literally love these lenses and I'm fully satisfied with the model and the color as well! Let's proceed with the OVERALL RATING:
Color: 5/5
Even if I have dark eyes they are fully visible and the coverage is very good.
Comfort: 4/5
They are very comfy despite being so big.
Design: 5/5
Enlargement: 5/5
My eyes looks way bigger even with a natural looking make-up, they are perfect for cosplays about big eyed characters!

I totally recommend this shop, the service is perfect and I was treated very kindly.
Go buy from them if you need circle lenses! =^^=
Uoi can find them also on FacebookInstagramTumblr and Pinterest.

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