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BNHA Uraraka & Tsuyu wigs review [SPONSORED BY BHINER COSPLAY]

Hi guys!
After a really long time I'm back again with a new wig review; but this time I'm going to review two amazing wigs together.
Both of them were kindly sponsored by Bhiner Cosplay; first of all let me explain what it is.
Bhiner is an agent who helps you order from Taobao, a popular chinese site which sells a lot of high quality and cheap products for cosplays. To order from it you need to contact a seller in China, so this is why Bhiner exist: to help you making it easier! I'm really happy I could start a collaboration with them, the items I received are just perfect and the same as the photos. They are really kind: everytime the items arrive they send you some photos of how they look before sending them to you!
But now let's start!
The items I received are Uraraka and Tsuyu's wigs, two popular characters from Boku no Hero Academia. Here's some photos of how they look:

(I also received two wig caps and a cute little hand mirror!)
(Tsuyu's wig)
(as you can see the wig has both green and black fibers, so the color is really dark: it's just perfect for this character!)
(the bangs are already styled: obviously is always better to adjust them anyway!)

And now let's proceed with Uraraka's wig:

(OMG this is just so accurate! What else can I say?)

(the color is the same as Uraraka's hair, the bob is so cute and fluffy tho!)

(even here the bangs are already styled, I think that in this case you can leave them like this, they're super okay ^^)

As I already said I'm totally satisfied with this collab! I really hope to make more of them so I can show you other amazing items to cosplay your favorite characters in the best way :D

                                                            OVERALL RATING:
Quality: 5/5
I mean guys: the quality of these wigs is really amazing, they are soft and they don't tangle at all!
Color: 5/5
The colors of both of them are 100% accurate.
Service: 5/5
The staff is so kind and always available!
Final rating: 4.5/5
I didn't give 5 out of 5 just for one little thing: when Bhiner sent me the photos of the wigs the Tsuyu's ones included her bow, but when I received the package it wasn't there, so I was a little disappointed by that and that's the reason why I couldn't give them a full rating. Other than that I loved everything about the service and what I received!

Be sure to follow them also on Facebook and Instagram and feel free to mention me or my blog if you want to order something from them!~
Hope this review was useful for you guys, see you next time! =^^=

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