lunedì 26 marzo 2018

Review EOS New Adult Green [SPONSORED by PinkyParadise]

Hi guys!

I recently made a new collaboration with a popular lenses shop called PinkyParadise, I'm sure many of you already heard of it!
This is also the shop where I bought my first pair of circle lenses, back in 2013 if I'm not wrong, aww such memories!
The pair of lenses I'm going to review is called "EOS New Adult Green"; maybe you already noticed that I've got different colors from this brand: well, it is my favorite one ever! All the colors are so bright, the design is just perfect for fictional and anime characters in particular so I was really curious about the green shade and I wasn't disappointed at all by it!
Let's proceed with some photos:

(comparison with my natural eye color)

(both lenses on natural light)

(both lenses with flash)

(full cosplay effect: do you like my 002? =^^=)

Sooo, I'm REALLY satisfied with these ones!

                                                                OVERALL RATING:
Color: 5/5
Design: 5/5
Comfort: 5/5
Enlargement: 5/5

What else can I say? The EOS New Adult serie is just perfect for cosplays! Obviously, they will not give you a natural look at all, this is for sure. xD
I totally recommend you to buy these for your favorite characters, they also come in different shades such as: Grey, Blue, Violet, Pink, Gold.
The service was really good too, so I suggest you to buy from them, they've got a wide choice of lenses for your looks~
See you next time! 

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