martedì 19 giugno 2018

Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green Review [SPONSORED BY GEO LENSES]

Hi guys!

This time I wanted to try one of Geo's best sellers, its name is "Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green" as you can see by the title of this post.

As always, remember to check and be sure to use my discount code "nymphahri" at checkout for a 10% off your orders! =^^=

(comparison with and without lenses)

(both lenses with natural light)

(both lenses with camera flash)

                                                                          OVERALL RATING:

Color: 3/5
The color doesn't show really much on my dark eyes, I can't say if it depends on my particular eye color or if it's the model in general!

Design: 5/5
I really like the design, it's so particular yet cute.

Comfort: 5/5
As always I never have problems with Geo's lenses, they are all so comfy, I can barely feel them!

Enlargement: 5/5
This model gives you the puppy look, they are so perfect for cosplays expecially for cute and sweet characters.

I'm pretty satisfied with this model, I hope to wear them soon for a cute look or costume!
What do you think about it? Is there a particular model you would like to see for the next review? Let me know!

See you soon guys =^^=

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