martedì 19 giugno 2018


Hi bunnies!

After a long time I'm gonna review a wig again, this is the first time I start a collaboration with Lucaille. I decided to take Monika's wig from Doki Doki Literature Club because I'm gonna cosplay her soon, and this was totally the best choice for me! This is also my first wig from Lucaille, I've always heard a lot of good things about this shop and finally I got the chance to try one of their amazing products.

The fiber of this wig is really good, it's so soft to touch! I always get a lot of problems with long wigs, they get to tangle a lot and sometimes I can't even save them, that's so sad for me! Monika has a long ponytail and it doesn't tangle as much as my other wigs do, I loved this thing so much.
The color is just perfect, it changes a bit with light but I think that this is just the most accurate shade I saw for her (and I searched for this wig through a lot of shops).

I totally recommend buying from this shop, the quality is beyond amazing and it didn't even take too long to arrive (two weeks or less than a month for sure).
It also offers a good variety of wigs, and the bangs are already styled in most cases (just like this one, even if I will probably cut them a little bit just to shape my face better).

Have you already bought your wigs from this shop? Would you recommend it?
I really hope to try more of them in the future!
See you at the next review =^^=

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